Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Dem takes on Obama, Afghan withdrawal announcement, Congressional disapproval, Panetta ratified and ATF in the hot seat

White House photo by Lawrence Jackson
A full gambit of issues during today’s Washington Report on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network.
Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Geoff Holtzman had information about an op ed written by former Vice President Al Gore which takes aim at President Obama for not making climate change an important issue of his administration. Gore the second Democrat to express frustration recently with the president. Obama’s Chicago pastor, Jeremiah Wright, addressed a Baltimore congregation and blasted Obama for being in the pocket of Wall Street.
Obama, though, is focused on another pressing issue today, Holtzman reported: the prime time announcement on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.
While Gore and Wright may be frustrated with Obama, the president doesn’t suffer the same wrath of the American people that members of Congress do. Holtzman noting that a new Rasmussen poll shows voter approval of Congress is at, perhaps, its lowest point ever.
One person in Washington enjoying high approval is Leon Panetta, who, Holtzman reported, was unanimously approved as the next secretary of defense. But his counter-part at ATF isn’t doing as well. The acting ATF director, Holtzman predicts, will soon be out, over a program that backfired, where drug runners were permitted to take guns bought in the USA to Mexico and provide them to drug cartel members. The idea was to track the guns to the narco-traffickers. But the ATF bungled the job, lost track of the weapons, and one was actually later used to kill an ATF agent.

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