Saturday, June 11, 2011

Arguing about Iran's nukes while Tehran admits missile program

Missile identification document in Persian found on board the Victoria. IDF photo
There’s a renewed push to minimize and even discredit the claims and concerns of those, including the United States and Israel, who are insistent that Iran is building nuclear weapons. This despite the fact that Tehran admits it is developing a missile system to “defend” the Arab world against the United States and Israel.
Award winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh said in an interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman  that the United States is itching to attack Iran with no evidence that it has nuclear weapons.
And West Chester University history professor and author Lawrence Davidson concludes in an article for Dark Politricks that, while Iran is developing a nuclear energy program, it is, not developing nuclear weapons.
I’m sure that’s enough to allay the fears of those living in Tel Aviv and Israel. But one thing neither Hersh nor Lawrence can refute. Iran is building out a missile system capable of reaching Israel.
Ostensibly, the Tehran Times tells us, the missile system is designed to protect the Arab world from the United States and Israel. Of course, the Arab nations, most notably Saudi Arabia, are more concerned about being protected from Iran. But that’s another story.
So we now see, Iran is developing the delivery system. The only question is, would the payload on those missiles be conventional or nuclear?
Perhaps this isn’t of concern to Hersh and Lawrence. But it certainly is, and should be, to both Israel as well as the Arab world Tehran claims it wants to protect.

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