Thursday, June 16, 2011

Legal and political challenges to U.S. Libyan involvement, raising the debt ceiling, pressuring Weiner topics on News Talk Online

Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Geoff Holtzman joined us on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network to discuss the legal and political challenges to the continued U.S, funding of the NATO operation in Libya.
The United States is, Holtzman reports, expending $2 billion daily on the effort, while no U.S. troops are involved now in the effort. The question is, does this violate the War Powers Act which requires the president to seek approval from Congress for military action abroad after the first 60 days?
House Speaker John Boehner has given the president until the end of the week to come to Congress for authorization to spend beyond the 60 day deadline. And 10 members of Congress, led by Democrat Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, have filed suit to stop what they believe is the illegal funding of the war.
Holtzman also brought us up-to-date on the political wrangling over the raising of the debt ceiling – or lack thereof – and how the Democrats have now taken the lead in pressuring one of their own – New York Congressman Anthony Weiner – who is embroiled in a sex scandal, to resign.

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