Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pawlenty looks tough, Bachmann gains steam, Weiner wants influence, DREAM Act fails to ignite

Pawlenty. Gage Skidmore photo
GOP presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty, who has been called every kind of chicken in and out of the book after failing to stand up face-to-face with fellow candidate Mitt Romney to his face during a debate after having blasted him outside of his presence is attempting to reinvent himself as a strong personality.
Tuesday at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York he took direct and heavy aim at President Obama’s handling of the Arab Spring.
Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Kenneth Bazinet, in a conversation with News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network, said Pawlenty has an obvious image problem.
Not so, he says, Michelle Bachmann, whose campaign for the GOP nomination for president is on fire.
Bazinet also reports that Anthony Weiner, the deposed congressman from New York, wants to help choose his replacement. Weiner was forced out of office by the Democratic leadership. Bazinet says Weiner’s constituents forgave him his sexting scandal transgressions. And he believes an eventual run for New York mayor is not necessarily out of Weiner’s future.
Finally, the DREAM Act which would find a citizenship track for children who were brought illegally into the country by their parents but raised here has been reintroduced in the Senate. But Bazinet doesn’t see sufficient support for its passage this time around either.

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