Thursday, June 23, 2011

The release of strategic oil reserves, Cantor quits debt ceiling talks and Obama slaps Petraeus in the face

Did the Cantor (right) announcement come as a surprise to Boehner (left)? Talk Radio News Service photo
The White House announced Thursday that it was releasing some of the oil it holds in strategic reserve to counter what it calls a slight disruption in its flow because of the NATO action in Libya and recent events in the Middle East. But Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Victoria Jones says, the decision comes at a curious time – as gas prices – at least in the United States, continue to decline and there doesn’t seem to be the kind of clamoring for government intervention there was when it reached peak prices.
Jones, in her Washington report for News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network, also provided latest details of the debt ceiling talks – heretofore believed to be progressing well. But there was a stunning announcement that apparently took everyone by surprise Thursday. That Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) was quitting the talks over the issue of taxes. A move that may have taken House Speaker John Boehner by surprise, though Boehner insists he was forewarned by Cantor.
Jones reports that there’s speculation that President Obama might now  insert himself into the talks. They’re being chaired by Vice President Joe Biden.
And, finally, Jones provided analysis of Obama’s Afghan draw down speech, one in which the president said the mission is changing from a counter-insurgency role – which was authored by the outgoing U.S. commander in country, Gen. David Petraeus – to one that had been recommended by Biden – hit and run counter-terrorism missions.

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