Thursday, June 16, 2011

Romney says he feels the unemployed's pain

Gage Skidmore photo
If you’re unemployed, Mitt Romney says he is your man for president.
That’s because he understands your plight. He feels your pain. Because, see, he’s unemployed as well.
Yep, that’s what the former Massachusetts governor says. He’s unemployed. Just like those folks who have to decide between frank and beans and mac and cheese for dinner.
And he’s “networking” as he searches for a new job.
Of course, in Romney’s case, unlike those who send out so many resumes that when they get an unusual response they don’t remember what the job was they’d applied for, he’s focusing on only one job: president of the United States.
Democrats are all over Romney’s comments – painting them as insensitive.
Judging from his personal worth, and by the money he’s getting to drive his campaign, it’s unlikely Romney really is going through what the nation’s unemployed are. Still, it’s kind of nice to at least think there’s a possibility he gets it. Especially if he is eventually elected president.

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