Monday, June 20, 2011

What did Obama and Boehner talk about on the golf course?

Obama and Boehner golfed, but what did they talk about?
It seems that we just don’t know – even today – what President Obama and House Speaker John Bohener discussed while enjoying a round of golf over the weekend.
Presumably, the debt ceiling and funding for the war in Libya were on the agenda. But neither the White House or the speaker’s office are saying. And, that’s a source of frustration for reporters in Washington, says Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Victoria Jones.
Jones also discusses the latest Gallup poll which finds that many Americans say they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon candidate – though she observes that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney stands a better chance than any other hypothetical Mormon presidential candidate.
And Jones confirms for News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network that Congressman Anthony Weiner, who announced he is stepping down over his sexting scandal, actually hasn’t officially resigned. Which means, ladies and gentlemen, he’s still on the public payroll.

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