Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anthony sentenced, analyst says justice was served

Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years, one for each count of lying to police, the only counts for which she was convicted. But because of time served and good time, she could be released from jail by the end of July or sometime next month.
It was a predictable sentence, says attorney and legal analyst Gwendolyn Lindsay-Jackson, in an interview with News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network. The judge, she says, was angered that Anthony’s lies about the disappearance of her daughter caused the police to expend a lot of unnecessary resources on the case, chasing elusive misleading tips.
Lindsay-Jackson says she understands full-well the dilemma the case presented to the jury, and why juror number three, in an interview with ABC News, said she and her fellow jurors were sick to their stomachs over acquitting Anthony on the most serious of charges.
The prosecution, Lindsay-Jackson says, failed to meet the burden of proof. There was no cause of death, and even if there were, there’s no proof Anthony was responsible for the demise of 2-year-old Caylee. And without that proof, in a capital case in a state that has the death penalty, the jury had no choice, she said, but to acquit.

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