Sunday, July 3, 2011

Greece offers to transport aid to Gaza

Now we’ll see whether the so-called Gaza Freedom Flotilla is about bring humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territory or only about embarrassing Israel.
Israel is maintaining a naval blockade of the Gaza, it says, to prevent the transporting of weaponry into the hands of Hamas.
Most of the flotilla is set to sail on Monday from Greece. Now the Greek government is offering to take the supplies aboard the ships and deliver them to the Gaza through regular channels.
If, in fact, the organizers are truly interested in getting humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, they’ll accept the offer. If not, then it’s obvious that this is all political theater and not about helping the Palestinians.
In fact, one could argue it’s about using them.
Meanwhile, the captain of one of the boats, sailing against the orders of the Greek government, has been arrested after leaving port.

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