Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama gets tough on debt, Karzai's half brother is killed, Syria stands by while Embassys are attacked and Ron Paul retires

President Obama just tossed the hot potato in the laps of the Republicans.
Just when it appeared his political back was to the wall over the debt ceiling talks, Obama said, if an agreement isn’t reached by month’s end, Social Security and veteran’s benefits checks may not go out August third.
It puts, says Talk Radio News Service Washington correspondent Ken Bazinet, the Republicans who are opposing extending the debt ceiling in the unenviable position of appearing to turn their backs on those who have worked all their lives and are now retired. And on abandoning our veterans.
Bazinet, in an interview for News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network, also had late breaking information about the assignation of Afghan President Karzai’s half-brother. Although a drug dealer, Karzai’s brother was a source of important information to U.S. intelligence and was on the CIA payroll, Bazinet reports. His intelligence sources tell him that his death is a loss to the U.S. in its battle with both the Taliban and al Qaeda.
Bazinet also reported on how the Syrian regime, at the very least, looked passively on as pro-government demonstrators attacked the U.S. and French Embassys in Damascus.
And he reported on the announcement by maverick Texas congressman and Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul that this will be his last term in the House of Representatives.

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