Sunday, August 7, 2011

Award-winning Palestinian journalist in hiding

This is the kind of freedom that we see coming out of the Palestinian territories.
Palestinian security forces have arrested the brothers of an award-winning investigative reporter who refuses to turn herself in for questioning because she refused to sign a document which would require her to limit her reporting.
Majdoleen Hassouneh was honored for her reporting about medical conditions in the West Bank.
If you think this is an anomaly, think again. Palestinian authorities routinely require journalists to sign what amounts to self-censorship agreements before they can cover events.
Palestinian journalists were also forbidden from covering the results of an International Commission for Human Rights report detailing human rights abuses in both the West Bank and the Gaza.
And in the West Bank, Hamas systematically abuses Palestinian journalists, Human Rights Watch says.
What is more disturbing is that there is no outrage over all of this from the international media. Why the silence? Because it’s more acceptable to criticize Israel than the Palestinians?
Note that this coercion of journalists and, at least in this case, their families, is not limited to the Hamas. The so-called “moderate” Palestinian Authority Israel recognizes as a potential but recalcitrant peace partner, is involved in these bullying tactics designed to silence critical reporting.
The world seemingly turns a blind eye, as well, toward the funneling of millions of dollars in U.S. tax money given to the Palestinian Authority to pay the “salaries” of Palestinian terrorists who are in Israeli jails. In other words, the “moderate” Palestinian Authority is using U.S. tax dollars to pay terrorists.
Where is the outrage?

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