Friday, August 19, 2011

Black spokesman for Tea Party blames Obama for setting tone for black vs white flash mob violence

Apparently I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the flash mob stories to realize there was a racial element to them.
Yes, I was aware that youth in Philadelphia and other cities were moving into neighborhoods en masse to reek havoc and assault people. But I guess I was too immersed in other stories to realize that the gangs were black and the victims white.
Thank Lloyd Marcus for pointing that out to me. In an opinion piece, Marcus argues that President Obama’s demeanor toward race relations sets an atmosphere and sends a signal to black youth that this kind of behavior is OK.
Marcus, who is black (but identifies himself as a “proud unhyphenated American” is a Tea Party Movement spokesman and co-chair of the Campaign to Defeat Barak Obama.
“While I am not saying president Obama is responsible for the epidemic of black youth flash-mob attacks on whites around our country, his race baiting has to be a contributing factor,” Lloyd writes.
The president’s political rhetoric, Marucs maintains, is racially divisive.
“Clearly,” he writes, “the Obama administration’s game-plan for his presidency is to use race as a bludgeon whenever anyone opposes an Obama agenda item. Obama obviously considers the loss of harmony between black and white Americans to be acceptable collateral damage.”
He refers to this as “race exploitation” which he suggests  could be “be fueling rage in black youths.”

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