Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jersey Shore residents wake up to Hurricane Irene flooding, damage

Flooding, and cars abandoned in the standing water, greeted residents of the Cherry Tree Village townhouse condo development in Middletown, NJ as dawn broke on the Jersey Shore in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.
Palmer Avenue on the Middletown-Holmdel border turned into a river, but one unlucky motorist didn’t know that and, thinking it still a road, traveled into the middle of the water and had to abandon the car.
Trees down across Cherry Tree Road and Harmony Avenue caused a bit of inconvenience for motorists.
But the power of Mother Nature was best seen at work where the Waackaack Creek, normally a placid easy to forge tributary that meanders to the nearby Raritan Bay, overflowed its banks at Middle Road in Holmdel, turning into a raging river that lapped at nearby buildings.

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