Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will Rick Perry's religious beliefs help him or hurt him?

Gage Skidmore photo
Barack Obama's race became a factor when he was a candidate for president. Addressed about the subject, Obama opined that the issue of his skin color cut both ways. There’d be some who would not vote for him because of it. Then, there’s be some who would vote for him because of it.
But what about Rick Perry, who announces his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president today? Will his strong evangelical ties stand in the way of his campaign?
Some people oppose President Obama because they wrongly believe him to be a Muslim. Some cringe at the idea of a Mormon in the White House. Two Mormons, including the current front-runner in the polls, Mitt Romney, are seeking the Republican nomination.
But Mormons are “the others.” Evangelical Christians, in the United States, are not.
So, will Perry’s strong religious beliefs, his embracing of prayer for America, hurt him or help him? And will this issue overshadow other, perhaps more important questions that might be raised about his candidacy? Like his positions on issues and likely policies should he be elected.

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