Monday, September 19, 2011

If successful at the UN, Palestinian Authority could go broke

Does Abbas really want what he's asking? Olivier Pacteau photo
The Palestinian Authority formally requests statehood status at the UN this week. The problem for the Palestinians is, they might not really like what they get if they win.
Actually, the situation isn’t all that dire for them, because the United States has pledged to veto a Security Council resolution recognizing a Palestinian state should one pass. So this may all just be for diplomatic show – to highlight the desires of the Palestinians for a state – while making the United States and Israel look bad.
At the end of the day, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas can go home with a diplomatic victory but without the responsibilities of running a nation. And with money from the United States still in hand.
On the other hand, should the U.S. renege on its promise, and should a Palestinian state be declared, the PA will be hard pressed to actually run a new government. Because the United States has told Abbas that it will withhold millions of dollars in aid should that happen.

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