Friday, October 14, 2011

Cheers erupt at Zuccotti Park

Protesters cleaned the park, averting a confrontation Friday morning. Photo by Neil Girling
The cheers were audible from a couple of blocks away. There were people coming by foot and bike and train. There was network media and numerous independent documentors among and at the perimeter of the crowds numbering thousands.
The people’s mic was relaying the speaker’s words with sporadic results.
The occupiers had spent a hard rain night before it broke around 4 a.m.  Some sought shelter in neighboring establishments until the NYPD ushered them out.

Sleep deprivation prevailed.
At the west end of the park opposite the Broadwayside orange “thingy” sculpture, occupiers were hard scrubbing the pavement. The new laws passed said occupiers could not lie down or use sleeping bags. In the opinion of one occupier that wasn’t so bad since it could reduce the appearance of it being a “flop.”
People I spoke with said they had homes or places to sleep and shower and recover. Sustainability was the word.
At about 6:50 the People’s Microphone conveyed the word that Brookfield Properties had decided to not to force the issue. To not remove the occupiers to clean the already rain washed and occupier scrubbed outdoor digs.
There was a loud cheer at the news. Fatigue and adrenalin.
One brother said the inner city neighborhoods were bubbling with talk. Interest growing. There had been much disappointment in the past. But when the threshold was reached “watch out.” The crowds would swell. There was talk of how to keep the energy focussed and effective. There was talk of building bridges with the Tea Party.
Saturday promises to be a day of direct action with marches from Washington Square Park to Time Square and other locations. A day of rage. Arrests anticipated.
People were relieved there was no physical  confrontation over the park. Brookfield and the Bloomberg administration decided that discretion was the better part of oligarchic valor. At least temporarily.
Bloomberg, like Berlusconi, who is standing today for a vote of confidence which could force his resignation, has been able to buy influence and work his profitable will. They don’t want to rock the boat or have the boat be rocked.

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