Saturday, October 1, 2011

He's not 'my' president

He's your president too, even if you didn't vote for him. Obama for America - California photo

“He’s not MY president,” someone wrote in response to a comment made by an Obama supporter on my Facebook wall.
“I didn’t vote for him.”
Somehow I find the words more than a little troubling as they are reflective of a divisive mindset that’s been sweeping the nation for at least a decade now. (Yes, there were those who uttered the same words with regard to George W. Bush as well. And probably Clinton before him. Etc.)
Political battles in the United States are hard fought. As they should be. And during campaigns, some awfully strong discourse takes place. As it should.
But one great thing about our republic is that once the dust settles on Election Night, the country comes together. Or, at least, it should.
This is not a country run by dictators after all. One side wins. The other side loses. The victors are then in charge.
The person elected president of the United States is charged with being the president to all Americans. Not just to those who voted for him.
Imagine a president who refused, for example, to allow FEMA to assist a state that was hit by a natural disaster just because his opponent won in that state. If that were to occur, then, I suppose people would be correct in saying that Obama was not their president. But it doesn’t.
You may not like Obama. You may not vote for his reelection. But until his final term is completed and another is sworn in, like it or not, he is your president. Yours and mine. Whether we voted for him or not.


todd said...

Obama, in my opinion, has on many occasions shown that he is partisan and overly supportive of select groups. The Cambridge incident was one of the first. The president stated he did know the facts and then proceeded to criticize the sergeant involved. The Gilford shooting, Obama called for civility but never reprimanded the local sheriff that falsely accused the right for being responsible for inspiring the shooting.
These actins by the president showed me that he did not, nor did he want to, represent all Americans, So why should all Americans support him.
There used the loyal opposition, that was eroded by what you call strong discourse. The discourse has become to strong.

Obama needs to lead for all the people, or don't expect any support (or respect) from the people.

Anonymous said...

He is not eligible to be president.
His father was Kenyan, therefore not my president.