Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street confrontation looms

Will they move if asked? Photo by erin m/Flickr
Will the Occupy Wall Street movement be moved?
And if so, will it be a peaceful transition?
These questions come to mind as it appears the NYPD may be preparing to ask the protesters to abandon the park nestled between Ground Zero and Wall Street that they’ve been occupying for weeks now on Friday.
Our own Danny Schechter reports from Zuccotti Park that Mayor Michael Bloomberg paid an unannounced five minute visit to check things out for himself.
The park is private property, and up until now, its owners have been accommodating the occupiers. But, citing safety and health concerns, they want the NYPD to clear the park.
Whether this would be just temporary, for a cleaning and a fixing of any damage that might be found – or a permanent move – remains to be seen.
Also unknown is whether the folks occupying the park would comply with a police order to move.

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