Sunday, December 4, 2011

Danny Schechter, a paranoid gunman and strip searching an elderly woman

Danny Schechter the News Dissector is a frequent guest on my News Talk Online show on the Paltalk News Network. Friday  I got to return the favor, appearing on his Dissector Radio show on the Progressive Radio Network along with the lovely Catherine Watters. The topic, the state of the news media today. Danny and I reflecting on how media organizations lack the resources today to investigate and put into perspective stories.

Too much he said, she said stuff going on that's passing for news coverage for our liking.

I enjoyed it and I'm hoping I've not worn out my welcome and I get another invitation. It was fun being on that side of the microphone for a change. Usually I'm the one asking the questions.

Here's the show - I come on about :40 minutes into the broadcast.

Speaking of questions, I asked a few Saturday covering the arraignment of the guy who allegedly fatally shot his girlfriend's 18-year-old son, then shot two more people - one fatally - on a Queens bus - because he thought the passengers on their cell phones were talking about him. He told the cops, according to his statement read into the record, that he believed people had been following him since September. The breaking point - when he got up that day he looked out his window and saw some people he didn't recognize.

And then, I had occasion to report about Leonore Zimmeriman. She's 84. And claims that, when she declined the full body scan at JFK because of her defibrillator and requested a pat down, the TSA folks strip searched her. The TSA denies they strip search or that this woman - who is obviously not a threat, was specifically strip searched. But she says that, somewhere in the process, her leg was banged up - and she has the marks to prove it.


NYCat said...

Not to mention the fact that this Society DRIVES YOU NUTS!!! Then points the finger at YOU for not being able to handle the TON of Stress the system puts on you along with the mounds of $$ Debt. It's Debt on Every level!

Dr. Farrell said...

Ah, the devil is in the details and the perception of the searchers. I've had 4 TSA people practically run over and tackle me when I threw my clothes bag down on a chair while they were insisting they wanted to search me with a wand. I told them, "Stop!" and held up my hand. It worked. Go figure.

SarasotaJim said...

The shootings on the bus in Queens is actually an argument for more guns in the hands of average people. A single 9mm on someone else's hip might have stopped that nut before additional people were hurt. Our violent crime rates here in Florida have been sinking since our "shall carry" law was passed. Lethal force is authorized, if necessary and, if deemed appropriate to the situation, we cannot be charged with any criminal infraction. In addition, the thug is blocked, by law, from later filing civil charges againt us. And it's working. Hasn't anyone noticed the places with the highest violent crime rates also have the strictest gun controls?