Monday, February 18, 2013


Author Chuck Costa

He's devoted his life to helping other people. Sometimes it's been folks who have been burned out of their homes. (As the leader of what was the landlord's organization in Detroit, he always found a home for someone in an emergency someplace.) Sometimes it's been giving coats and blankets to the homeless in the winter. Sometimes it's been throwing a Christmas party for orphans to make sure that everyone of them got at least one gift. Sometimes it's been donating paint to a local school because the Detroit Public Schools were short on money.

He even was involved in unpubicized back-channel efforts to free the hostages in the US Embassy in Tehran.

Now, he wants to use laughter to fight cancer. Literally.

Detroit businessman an civil leader Charles "Chuck" Costa, who can sit in a restaurant and hold court for hours telling jokes, has published a joke book. And half the proceeds from its sale is going to cancer research.

It's called Bust Your Gut. And it was the suggestion of friends who constantly heard him telling jokes that prompted him to publish it.

"I was sitting with a friend, a rock singer, in a restaurant in Tecumseh, Ontario and he told me, 'Chuck, I think you should put all these jokes into a book,'" Costa told me during an interview for News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network. "So I did."

But Costa being Costa, just writing the book and then selling it wasn't enough.

"I wanted to do something to help fight cancer. Sometimes girls as young as 14 get breast cancer. My mother died from cancer."

So he decide to forgo half the profits to give to research.

The jokes contain no profanities. And they are timeless.

"I wrote some of them myself. Some of them I heard over the years," the octogenarian says.

And here are two cool things he's doing.

If you have a joke you want to submit for future editions of the book, you can on his website. And, you don't actually have to order the book for yourself. You can actually order one, or dozens if you wish, for cancer patients to brighten their day. And Chuck will deliver them to the hospital for you.

I bet he'll leave those patients laughing!

Click here to order the book!

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