Saturday, March 9, 2013


Photo by  Thomas Münzl

I'm afraid I shook up more than one passenger at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Many of them hadn't heard about the latest TSA problem at the airport. And I was there to inform them and ask their opinion.

Boy did I get an earful.

I was sent there by 1010 WINS because a TSA supervisor with a fake bomb stuffed in his pants made it through the screening process at Newark. Even though he was actually patted down.

Most passengers say the TSA agents at Newark aren't as vigilant as they should be. One used the term "complacent." Others said, they forget why they were hired.

One woman just shook her head. She said they wouldn't let her board with cookies she had baked because the treats could be "explosives." But a guy with an inert bomb? He was able to clear security.

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Donald said...

this is unacceptable!