Friday, March 8, 2013


Photo by Bob Marhold

When my editor at 1010 WINS sent me out to a Bridgewater, NJ neighborhood I wasn't exactly sure what I'd find. The neighborhood, he said, has been infested with vultures.

Sure enough, as soon as left my car, they started circling (making me wonder if they knew something I didn't).

I rang a doorbell and out came Bob Marhold, who told me they've been making his block their winter home for the past three years.

How many are there? Well, a couple days ago, Bob took count. And estimates there are about 100.

He has no idea why they keep coming back. He says they haven't been bothering people. But their droppings are a bit of a problem.

Bob has a small dog. The vultures haven't attacked. But just to be sure, he doesn't let her out when they're about.

You can hear my report on 1010 WINS by clicking here.

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