Sunday, March 31, 2013


Saturday was just one of those days.

It started out with an assignment in Jamaica, Queens. I was sent there to interview some Muslim leaders to get their reaction to Pope Francis reaching out to the Islamic community. They were very cool guys who too the time to talk to me a bit about the more global issue of religious hatred. Which they blame on some non-Muslims and some Muslims alike.

I'm pretty sure we opened up what will be some continuing lines of communications.

Before the shift was through, I made another contact with a religious guy - but more on that a bit later.

From Queens I went to Washington Heights in Manhattan where two people - a man and a woman - were abducted.

Then I rushed to East Flatbush, Brooklyn, where a car jumped a curb and went up onto a sidewalk crowded with Easter shoppers, struck some pedestrians and slammed into some scaffolding which partially collapsed. More than a dozen people were hurt, some of them critically, including a three-year-old boy.

That's where I met a minister preaching the Gospel on the street corner. Rev. Terry Lee ran over to pray for the injured and those traumatized after witnessing the crash. He's looking to do a religious Internet radio show, something he told me about after I mentioned to him that I used to co-host a black Gospel radio show in Detroit with the Rev. Ray Shoulders (yep, Reverend Ray brought me into his weekly show even though I'm neither black nor Christian). That's when I told the rev. about Paltalk. And gave him my card.

I hope Easter proves to be a little less hectic and offers me fewer tragedies to cover!

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jim said...

Wow and I thought driving 900 miles in one day was a accomplishment.