Sunday, May 5, 2013


Cops close off the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge so a suicidal man who climbed the tower could be rescued.

Most people find the happy ending worth the inconvenience. Most people.

When 1010 WINS sent me to the Brooklyn Bridge to cover the rescue of a man who had climbed up on the Manhattan tower, 200 feet above the bridge surface, to end his life, I thought I had what everyone would see as a feelgood story on my hands. The cops climbed up there, negotiated with the distraught man for a long time, then lowered him on a harness to safety and a waiting ambulance who took him to the hospital for observation.

The cops involved in the rescue were made available for interviews. Extraordinary guys, by the way.

The bridge was closed for about and hour-and-a-half for the rescue. People stood and watched. And applauded and cheered the heroics and happy ending. This clearly reflected the majority view.

But New York City being New York City, someone had to mouth off. That someone, a guy who approached reporters to urge us to report how the lives of so many people were disrupted by the temporary closing of the bridge. He, for example, was stuck in line waiting all that time to enter the bridge in a cab. With the meter running.

Excuse me?

My colleagues all either stared with with incredulous looks or just ignored him (this is New York City after all). But I asked him, "what would you have them do? Let him jump?"

By the way, right there, near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, is a subway station. Where the guy could have caught a train to Brooklyn.

Or he could have walked the bridge as the pedestrian crossing was still open.

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