Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Spitzer in happier times. Photo by Paul Stein

They're both down. They may both be out.

First we have Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman who was trying for a return to elected office running in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York. He had resigned after a sexting scandal. His continued Internet sexual peccadilloes haunted him through his campaign. No chance. He conceded early Election Night.

Then there's Eliot Spitzer. The ex-attorney general of New York. Later governor. Resigned from that position in 2008 after being linked with an escort. He sought the Democratic nomination for New York City comptroller. He failed too.

In Weiner's concession speech he thanked a laundry list of campaign staffers. People in high, responsible positions. All were women. Interesting, given what he did.

Spitzer's speech was shorter. More to the point. Talking about his years of public service. In the past tense. Giving the distinct impression that he's through. No more runs for public office.

One of his supporters, interestingly a woman, told me in an interview for 1010 WINS she believes his past haunted Spitzer. But shouldn't have, she said. A person's personal issues are just that. Personal. Every family has members who have personal issues. They don't have anything to do with the job they do, she opined.

Of course, not everyone agrees. Accounting for both of their defeats.

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