Saturday, September 14, 2013


This was a huge crime scene. Cops blocking off traffic at several locations. Because it was a shooting attack from an SUV chasing a sedan down up and down the streets. Lots of pavement to secure for the crime scene investigators. In the end, the bullets found their mark. Killling two people, a man and a woman.

The first person  I randomly interviewed for 1010 WINS, a guy who lives inside those police lines inside the crime scene area, has had it with violence in Newark. And for good reason. He says his brother was recently killed, shot during a robbery while he was withdrawing money from an ATM. Billy Bennett told me car-to-car shootings like this one are regular occurrences. That at night the gangs come out, blatantly brandishing their guns for all to see. So many gunshots, Bennett says, that he's moved his 81-year-old mother's bed away from the window.

Not enough cops, Bennett says. And the cops that are on the street are too busy to take preventative action. Like shaking down the gang members who roam the streets at night with guns. Bennett says Newark needs enough cops to stop the killings before they happen by stopping and arresting young thugs with guns. The kind of policing, incidentally, they're talking about eliminating in New York City.

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Don said...

It is sad enough worrying about terrorist attacking us. Now, we have to worry about gangs of young people shooting each other.