Sunday, November 3, 2013


Allegations of racial profiling by security at Macy's, most notably a recent charged by “Treme” star Rob Brown, who is suing, prompting the Rev. Al Sharpton to meet with the store's CEO. But how do shoppers view security at Macy's? Well, it depends who you speak with.

Alberto, who is Puerto Rican, homeless, and who calls Herald Square his home, is in a position to observe security in action on a regular basis. He says in an interview for 1010 WINS they are pro-active, using cameras to spot shoplifters in action, then detaining them and handing them over to cops. But he says Macy's security appears to be color blind. Going after white and black people pretty equally.

But Cleo, who is black, has another take on it. "They're always checking your bags and checking your receipts," Cleo says of the security guards. Cleo has a friend, who is also black, who claims he recently had a run in with security. "He came out there with a whole bunch of shopping bags," Cleo says. "Security stopped him and was checking all those bags."

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