Tuesday, November 5, 2013


It happened at about 9:20 PM. A man wearing a motorcycle helmet walked into the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ, armed with a long gun, and fired at least one round before escaping. But responding cops didn't know that he was gone. So they set up perimeters, evacuated people and then began a systematic search of all the stores looking for employees and customers who were hiding - some for four hours - and also searched for the gunman. Everyone was considered a possible suspect. So many people, terrorized by the gunman, were visibly shaken a second time when cops approached them, guns drawn, and told them to raise their hands and be searched. All according to procedure but harrowing none-the-less. As I sat in my car going live for 1010 WINS, a bizarre detraction, as a woman nursing a 5-week-old baby jumped into my back seat. She had witnessed the shots being fired and hid. And then, finally, hours later, the cops came pointing guns to get her and the baby out. "Please, I'll pay you if you drive me home," she implored. Of course, I declined. And she eventually left my car and climbed into another vehicle that was leaving the parking lot.

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