Sunday, December 29, 2013


Donna Jackson has been holding daily prayer vigils, calling for divine intervention in Newark, where carnage on the streets is a way of life. But every once in a while, a crime is considered so heinous that it attracts attention. So today's vigil, in front of the house where one of two children who were murdered on Christmas night lived, was well attended - despite a drenching rain. They were just 13 and 14. When I interviewed her for 1010 WINS, Jackson said she's grateful so many people came out for this vigil. But she says she fears that when the interest in this crime wanes, so will the community outrage. She called on Gov. Christie to send in the money needed to beef up the police department, which is half the size it used to be, and to create jobs programs. And argues if this were Newtown, Connecticut, there'd be more help coming. But because these are poor black and Latino kids who are being killed, it is not.

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