Friday, March 14, 2014


A bloody sneaker where one of the victims ran and fell. Four juveniles, the youngest just 12, shot on S. 2nd Street in Brooklyn. Police sources say by gang members. In a neighborhood that used to see this kind of activity on a regular basis. But hasn't in years - not since it's become a trendy area of New York City. All four shot in the leg. All four expected to recover.

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stanchaz said...

This is in Williamsburg (the"Southside") - not in Greenpoint Brooklyn as you claim. They are adjoining areas (within a few miles), but quite different.
Greenpoint has always been a very safe and stable area, sort of like a small town right in the middle of the big city, with friendly neighbors and mom and pop stores - and with a subway running through it! Even with the invasion of hipsters and expensive condos lately. But Williamsburg has always been its tougher, grittier neighbor. Even with all the gentrification going on there,and much more than in Greenpoint, Williamsburg still has its problems in some areas. Part of the problem is that the very poor are being squeezed out of their lifelong home by the very rich. How would yo like some hipster to walk into YOUR home and say: OK dude, get out, I like this place.

Reporter Gary said...

The writer is correct. The reference to Greenpoint has been removed from the story.