Monday, June 16, 2014


Once again a trip on a New Jersey Transit train put me in a position where I had no choice but to listen to personal information being exchanged between passengers as they were broadcasting their business loudly seemingly oblivious to the fact that perfect strangers could hear everything they were saying. I began to fantasize responding to what they said to each of them as I left the train.

To the man who spoke of his skin cancer: You're right, that second blotch is much worse than the first. I hope they do a better job removing it than they did the first one.

To the woman who was getting advice on a contract (whose details I now know): Don't sign it! They're trying to screw you on this deal!

And to the teacher who loudly announced he was being "accused" on social media by students of some sort of impropriety and who had been informed that he was to report to the principal's office for a meeting first thing today: Don't go in without your union rep!

I wonder how each of them would have received my advice!

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