Wednesday, September 24, 2014


If you plan on being just by yourself or with your group and not interacting with others in Yankee Stadium then don't go to the bleachers. But if you're interested in hanging with real fans who understand the game, and understand how to heckle just short of obnoxious poor sportsmanship, the the bleachers are the place to be.

If you don't believe me just ask Adam Jones.

Jones is the center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles. Not only was he aware of the heckling he got from the bleachers above his field position, he delighted the fans by acknowledging them. Turning around and facing them and even making gestures in return.

That, of course, only increased the heckling. Which only died down when he made several terrific catches robbing Yankees of hits.

Eventually the resident hecklers turned their attention to fans in the stands who dared wear Baltimore orange. The choruses of "you suck" from the Yankees fans, and the responses of the Orioles fans, even got the attention of the visiting team's bullpen below.

Not everyone in the bleachers was a long-time Yankees fan. Behind us sat a group of Fordham students. I overheard one saying to her friend, "When I came here I had to decide whether to be a New York fan or a Mets fan." Which pretty much sums up the plight of the Mets. Can't even get respect from people new to town.

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