Friday, February 6, 2015

Canada strikes ban to doctor-assisted suicide, should the U.S. follow suit?

Suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian

The law prohibiting doctor assisted-suicide in Canada is no more. The Canadian Supreme Court ruling that – starting next year – in certain circumstances – it will be permitted.
It is striking that it was a unanimous decision by the High Court. There’s a 12-month period under which Parliament may enact a law complying with the ruling. If Parliament fails to so this, the court ruling will stand as law.
similar court challenge to the prohibition to doctor-assisted suicide is pending in New York state. This, of course, points to a fundamental difference. In Canada, the issue was resolved nationwide. In the United States, the issue of physician-assisted suicide has been decided on a state-by-state basis. And in Colorado, disabled people who are dying testified before the state legislature,pleading for passage of a bill that would make it legal for a doctor to help end their lives.
But in Scotland, there’s some opposition to an assisted suicide bill. The fear expressed by opponents is that doctors with a penchant for killing would take advantage of the lawSuch may have been the case of noted Michigan suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian, who famously told Time Magazine in 1993, “My specialty is death.”

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