Monday, February 9, 2015

European diplomats to Bibi: Chill out

Sleep well, Benjamin  Netanyahu. Don’t worry so much about the pending deal over Iran’s nuclear weapons aspirations. No deal that doesn’t protect Israel will be reached.
This comes at a time when the prime minister is preparing to address the U.S. Congress about those very fears that Iran cannot be trusted. As an aside, it comes at a time when Netanyahu is embroiled in a protocol dispute with the White House over having accepted the invitation to address Congress. A dispute which, we are now learning, may have had nothing to do with anything Netanyahu did.
In case you were wondering if all this pressure aimed at Netanyahu, including this from Haaretz, is causing him to rethink the congressional address; the answer is “no.” Netanyahu remains defiant, saying he still intends to talk to the Joint Session of Congress.

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