Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If Israel ceased to exist would antisemitism suddenly disappear?

Antisemite attacks Jew at Occupy Wall Street rally
Antisemite attacks Jew at Occupy Wall Street rally
We’ve all heard the refrain from anti-Israeli protesters. “Jewish people yes! Zionists no!” As if there’s a difference. Now, a judge in Germany of all places, says one is the same as the other. That anti-Zionism equates to antisemitism.
Clearly we have seen an increase in antisemitic incidents around the world. The most heinous, like the attack on the kosher grocery in Paris, get international attention. But there are attacks all the time that get little or no press.
Consider this:
The new Greek finance minister was once suspended from an Australian radio show for promoting negative stereotypes about Jews.
A BBC news presenter linked the Charlie Hebdo attack to the Israeli treatment of Palestinians. (He escapes punishment for his remarks). A Sky News presenter asks a rabbi in an interview if Israel fuels antisemitism.
A British cabinet minister says antisemitism is putting Jews at risk in the UK.
Jews began fleeing antisemitism in France in record numbers – mainly to Israel – before the Paris attacks.
An orthodox rabbi from Queens directs his wife, taking their son back to Spain to visit her parents; the child’s grandparents, to not let him wear his kippah during the trip for fear that the boy and mother might be attacked. An enterprising Israeli comes up with a solution. An ”invisible yarmulke” that blends in with the wearer’s hair.
The UN, for the very first timeconvenes a meeting to address antisemitism.
Are the demonstrators right when they say they aren’t attacking Jews with their rhetoric, but “just” the right of the state of Israel to exist? Or is the German judge correct by ruling, “Zionist’ is the language of antisemites, the code for ‘Jew.” ?

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