Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If President Obama was a Republican would he be considered a war-mongering neo-con?

President Obama and Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson
President Obama and Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson
Now it’s Ukraine where mission creep may be starting. The White House considering sending arms to help the Ukrainian government fight pro-Russian rebels in the east. The arms would include anti-armor missiles, reconnaissance drones and other “lethal aid.”
The pressure to become more involved in yet another war follows the weekend collapse of peace talks in Minsk. Currently, your tax dollars only go for buying things like  gas masks and radar technology for Ukraine.
His detractors claim President Obama is soft on terrorism, soft on national defense. But this administration has been very active in drone attacks against suspect terrorists. More so than President George W. Bush.
The president’s new budget (which Republican congressional leaders actually joked about when unveiled yesterday) includes a proposal toincrease the amount of money spent on defense. By about $35 billion. (It also, however, calls for the closing of more military bases and is a mixed bag when it comes to perks and benefits for military personnel). And a call to congressional Republicans to extend funding of Homeland Security.
The president is also considered by his detractors to be soft on immigration. The new budget proposal calls for spending $1 billion to curb illegal immigration from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Last year, more than 51,000 children from those countries were caught crossing the border alone. The money would, among other things, be spent on helping improve border security and economic and social development and make improvements to law enforcement and judicial systems in those countries.
With reporting by Talk Radio News Service White House correspondent Victoria Jones.

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