Monday, February 2, 2015

Manhattan's sidewalks are generally in better condition than are the streets

If only the streets could be cleared as well as is this sidewalk. I'm on the Upper West Side  where we'd heard it was particularly slippery and I have to say the reports are correct. And - in this neighborhood - where on street parking is at a premium normally - well it's even more difficult to find places to park because of the accumulated - frozen - slush.

It's not so bad negotiating this - slowly - in a four wheel drive. but in a two-wheel drive vehicle - it's a bear. so say drivers I've talked to who were struggling to park.

Here's the good news. Traffic is much lighter than usual. and for once - everyone is obeying the new city 25 mph speed limit.

On the road, reporting on the roads, for 1010 WINS.

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