Thursday, February 5, 2015

The surgeon general sees health benefits so is it time to legalize marijuana?

The surgeon general of the United States says there are medical benefits to marijuanaDr. Vivek Murthy also says that vaccines are safe. But that’s another hot button item.
His comments about marijuana, during an interview with CBS, opens the door to discussing whether it’s time to universally permit medical use of marijuana. Or to even decriminalize marijuana possession and use.
He’s not the only doctor who is a proponent. In San Francisco, you can actually go to a website and order a doctor to make a house call (some of you may actually remember when doctors did this). The doctor arrives at your door in about as much time as it takes Dominoes to deliver a large veggie pizza and gives you a medical evaluation. If you’re lucky (lucky as in, why else would you call for this?) the doc will write you a prescription for marijuana
Dr. Murthy’s opinion aside, it’s not the official position of the federal government. The National Institute on Drug Abuse advises that, under federal law, marijuana is considered “the most common illicit drug used in the United States … corresponding to a diminishing perception of the drug’s risks. “  Not exactly a ringing endorsement of easing restrictions.
There are those who argue that marijuana use is a gate way to use of harder drugs. But the Drug Policy Alliance, which lobbies for the legalization of marijuana, argues that’s not true, arguing, “most marijuana users never use any other illicit drug.” 

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