Thursday, February 5, 2015

UK antisemitism hits record highs in 2014; where are Jews supposed to live?

Cops and volunteers escort Jews to synagogue in Manchester, England
Cops and volunteers escort Jews to synagogue in Manchester, England
“Go back to Europe where you came from,”  the antisemites, posing as anti-Zionist say in an attempt to de-legitimize the  state of Israel.  But it is convenient to for them to forget that the Holocaust – in Europe – is the reason the modern state of Israel even exists. If the Jews were to suddenly leave Israel and return to Europe where would they go?
Even the United Kingdom is no safe haven for Jews. Community Service Trust says just last year, there were 1,168 reported antisemitic incidents in the UK. That’s more than double the number the year before.
We know, of course, of the recent attack on a kosher supermarket in France (and other antisemitic acts there). And of incidents in Spain. But it’s happening in virtually every nation on the continent.
By the way, it’s even happening in the United States. You know, the other country Jews flee to to avoid antisemitism. At the University of California-Davis – during a week of anti-Israel activities, swastikas were spray painted on campus. And even in New York City, a former cop who is an orthodox Jew, is suing. Claiming that that he was subjected to Nazi and oven “jokes” while on the job. And he’s not the only former orthodox Jewish cop to report such treatment by his colleagues.
If this keeps up, how long will it be before people start talking openly in Europe, and perhaps elsewhere, about the “Jewish Problem?”

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