Saturday, April 18, 2015

How the plot of a romantic comedy is helping dementia patients in the Bronx

I'm working on a very interesting story that's airing on 1010 WINS about an idea that was "stolen" from the film "50 First Dates" in which Adam Sandler's character plays videos of their times together to spur the memories of his love who is brain injured and can't otherwise remember their life together when she wakes up in the morning.

Someone in the Hebrew Home in Riverdale decided to try showing videos of happy times together with loved ones to dementia patients. And guess what? Life imitates art. It works!

Noted psychologist Dr. Patricia Farrell​ tells me in an interview that this is such a great idea - one that brings joy not only to the patients but to their families - that the Hebrew Home should be sharing it with other caregivers. She says, with all of us, as we age, our oldest, strongest memories remain. Newer ones are sometimes fleeting.


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