Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Do Gazans love or hate Hamas following the last war with Israel?

A poll was taken of Palestinians. Trying to gauge their appreciation, or lack thereof, of Hamas following the last Gaza war with Israel.
Some people in Gaza, of course, believe Hamas is defending their right to exist against Israel, which they view – for a number of reasons – as a threat. But others argue Israeli warplanes would never have attacked had Hamas not fired rockets into Israel. And for that, they blame Gaza.
So it would be instructive to poll Palestinians to find out what they actually think. But from the reading of some of the coverage of that polling, one might walk away as confused as before.
Check out, for example, this ABC News headline, based on reporting of the polling by the Associated Press:
ABC News headline

Then we have this headline from Reuters:
Reuters headline

So which is it? Do Gazans appreciate Hamas? Or do they blame them for their woes?

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