Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mumbai adds more fuel to the fire over horse-drawn carriages in Central Park

Photo by Marcia O'Connor/Flickr

Just the other day I saw – at 3 AMish – a horse drawn carriage slowly making it’s way up Sixth Avenue near Radio City Music Hall. It was a romantic voyage for the love-struck couple being driven by a sun glass and top hat wearing woman driver working its way up an uncrowded avenue toward Central Park.
A lovely view for some. But a cruel example of treatment of animals – others argue.
Now, Mumbai has joined the list of cities banning horse drawn carriages in the name of preventing animal cruelty. That’s prompted the executive director of NYCLASS, the organization leading the charge to send the horses out to pasture in favor of battery-powered carriages through New York’s Central Park to issue a statement of comendation.
“We applaud Mumbai for joining London, Paris and San Juan in banning the unsafe and abusive horse carriages,” said Allie Feldman.
“We look forward to continuing to help Mayor de Blasio keep his word on this issue as New York City puts an end to this inhumane industry.”
In all likelihood, the driver of that carriage would beg to disagree. Arguing that what Feldman is propsing, puts her – and her horse – out of a job.

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