Saturday, November 14, 2015

From Paris came the word we expected but didn't want to receive

All night long as we covered the horrific events in Paris we were waiting to learn whether what we thought was true. And this morning came the official word - the one we expected but not with any anxious anticipation. This was the work of ISIS. And he declared the obvious. "We are at war," he said.

The "we" to whom he referred may have been the French. But to a person in the newsroom- every one of whom recognized the grim responsibility of getting the story right and out to our listeners- he was speaking to and including us.

Where we all go from here none of us can know nor say. But it feels like things have changed. I fear there will be more days and nights where I and my colleagues across the world of journalism will be called on to report on similar incidents.

Its clearly not just "over there" anymore, if it ever was.

Hopefully we will get clear answers to our questions when we ask people in positions with the responsibility to protect our homelands. Hopefully there will be a degree of humility and even acknowledgment from folks when they don't know all the answers. Hopefully this won't be politicized (dare we hope this during an election campaign?).

Let's hope for the healing of Paris, too, and remember how they supported us on 9/11.

Just my personal thoughts. Not representative of anyone I work for or with.

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