Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How a Michigan story reminded me of an incident in NJ

Today I filed a story for Fox News Headlines 24/7 on Sirius XM 115 and Fox News Radio about a poor guy in Macomb Township Michigan  whose head was bashed in by his neighbor for blowing leaves off his lawn. 

It seems the neighbor - who cops say was drunk - took exception to the fact that some of the leaves ended up on his lawn  

Instead of handling this in a neighborly fashion,he decided to break his neighbor's skull. 

Now fortunately the neighbor's pistol packing girlfriend was home.  She ran outside and pointed her gun at the guy who, while drunk, was apparently lucid enough to back off before she unloaded lead his way. 

EMS rushed the poor boyfriend to the hospital where he underwent four hours of emergency brain surgery to save his life. The next door neighbor who attacked him was arrested and charged. 

It reminded me of a similar confrontation my friend had in Elizabeth New Jersey which had the potential of having similar tragic results. 

My buddy noticed his next door neighbor shoveling snow from the street in front of his house to make a parking spot. But instead of shoveling the snow onto his property, he piled it in front of my friend's driveway.

When my buddy asked him to stop well, let's just say that suggestion wasn't very warmly received. After the not particularly pleasant exchange of words, my buddy got behind the wheel of his Suburban and used it as a plow to push the snow back from blocking his drive and onto the street where the other guy had just cleared a spot for his car. At which point he decided to use his shovel as a weapon and bash my buddy's SUV. Pretty badly too. Denting it and knocking off the side view mirror. 

He also invited my friend to exit his car and join the festivities so he could try his shovel out against his head. My friend figured it might be better to decline the invitation and call 911 instead. 

I wasn't there at the time but I had the benefit of watching the security video from several cameras he has around his house and from his truck's dash cam. Which the neighbor apparently didn't know existed or else he wouldn't have filed a false police report in which he claimed my friend hit him with his Suburban. Accounting for his attacking the vehicle. Which, once introduced into evidence not only got my buddy off the hook but also got the neighbor in trouble. 

It was that same snowstorm that got a guy to block me in and threaten me because I pulled into his driveway a few feet to turn around to get to the only cleared parking spot on his street. But that making of a new acquaintance is another story for another time. But suffice to say we didn't exactly part buddies either.    

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bcozz1 said...

"He also invited my friend to exit his car and join the festivities" I like your writing style, Gary. It just goes to show that idiots are everywhere.