Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To offer money to people who are begging on the street or not

The front page story of today's New York Post profiles a guy who claims to make $200 an hour begging on the streets 

I almost hate to bring this up because I'm certain the majority of those with their hands out are really needy. But the story brings to mind an experience a friend of mine went through. 

This friend is a successful Midtown businessman and everyday walking from Penn Station to his office he sees a young man begging. He'd daily reach into his pocket and hand the young man some cash. After awhile they got to know each other a bit and my friend decided to make him his project.

He cleaned him up. Got him a place to live. The promise of a job. And placement in a highly respected substance abuse clinic where he dried out and kicked his heroin habit but just for a New York minute. But during the short period when he was dry and appreciative of what my friend did for him he acknowledged that he had a $200 a day habit which he satisfied by begging for money. Which is exactly what my friend heard he is doing again

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