Saturday, December 12, 2015

Going to the movies with friends never used to be such a pain in the you know what!

Remember the good old days when you could just pick up and go to the movies with your friends without having to plan ahead? I think those days are pretty much gone.

I was talking to a buddy and he mentioned he and his wife were thinking about going to a movie tonight. So I kind of invited myself along. He called back a few minutes later - told me what movie they had chosen at a local theater. Would I like to join them?

The movie sounded interesting, so I said sure. He said, OK, I'm going to buy the tickets on line now.

Well, there was a little problem because, you see, this theater assigns seats. And there are no three seats together. Which means, I'd have to sit alone. Which, kind of takes away from going to the theater to watch a movie with one's friends.

No more getting in the car, getting there early enough, getting three tickets and finding three seats together.

And this is supposed to be an improvement?

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