Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's not just Trump

This past overnight at Fox Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 we, of course, reported on Donald Trump's proposal to close our borders to Muslims. And the reaction. But we also reported on several other similar stories. (Both predate Trump's pronouncement.)

This first were comments by controversial and outspoken Nevada state Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who talked about killing Syrian refugees and terrorists.  When Fox 5 Las Vegas interviewed her, she claimed she wasn't saying she wanted to shoot refugees. She was saying she wanted to shoot terrorists. But clearly on her radio show she spoke unambiguously about pulling the trigger on both. 

The other story was about some people who tossed a pig's head out a vehicle outside a Philadelphia mosque. The police in the City of Brotherly Love are treating this as a hate crime. Officials at the mosque, who received a threatening phone call after the Paris terrorist attacks  wonder if next time it'll be a bomb. 


Scott Etches said...

On the Trail of the Trump Family Fortune

From Klondike Brothels to the Miss Universe Pageant

The Klondike Gold Rush was an exciting time in Canadian history that spawned untold fortunes of the miners who plied their trade digging in the harshest of conditions. Many who struck it rich were not the miners themselves but the entrepreneurs who provided them with food stores, accommodations, liquor and of course female services. One such industrious businessman was Frederick Trump who's Grandson became the billionaire we know today of immense wealth from those early humble adventures.

Frederick Trump arrived in the Klondike after several business ventures in Seattle and B.C. to start the Arctic Hotel.


Providing the miners with liquor, the services of women and food to eat, many a time being the horse flesh of the animals that could not survive the harsh conditions, Frederick Trump accumulated the beginnings of the family fortune as he plied his trade.


A far cry form the Miss Universe Pageant of today we can see how the Trump family tradition carries on in enabling women to seek their fortunes.

The New Klondike Gold Rush

With such humble beginnings to seeking to become the President of the United States the Trumps have reinvigorated a new gold rush. Canadian businesses and theatrical companies are forming to bring history to life in reliving the Trump past. From street corner impromptu pimping in period dress to tourist companies seeking to capitalize on the anniversary of the Alaskan highway in 2017 by showcasing the location of the Trump brothel, Canadian companies cannot afford to miss out on the obsession of the world with the life and lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Scott Etches said...



Also the historical museum is ramping up as is tourism Yukon.
Several private businesses are considering initiatives to capitalize on the american infactualtion with billionaires and their histories