Thursday, December 24, 2015

Picking on the wrong nun

You guys are just gonna love this story.

In Milwaukee, car jacking is a way of life.

Well, a couple guys picked on the wrong nun to jack.

That's right. The wrong nun.

Not only that, she's a nun who is more than 70 years old.

It's a story I reported on for Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 and the Fox News Radio Network.

Anyway, she was getting in her car outside St. Joseph's convent. And they told her to give them her keys,

But instead of meekly turning them over, she jumped into the car. They jumped into a car, too and sped off.

But Sister decided - not so fast buddies. She chased them. Got a good description of the car. And part of their license number. Which she gave to the cops.

The convent also has security cams. Which captured the whole thing.

Those images turned over to the police as well.

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