Monday, May 29, 2017

He'd butter change his eating habits or he's going to drop dead of a heart attack

If you're about to enjoy a nice meal I suggest you close this story and return to it another time. Because it could very well ruin your appetite.

Now I'm no doctor so I don't generally dispense medical advice. But I'm fairly certain no doctor, and that includes my cardiologist, will refute my conclusion that this guy and his wife and his son are flirting with fatal heart disease. Especially the father.

I was just completing a lovely salmon dinner at a New Jersey restaurant when they came in. I'd guess that the three of them together are pushing 700 pounds. 

They were seated at the table next to mine and each promptly ordered burgers stacked with bacon and a lot of other toppings as well as a generous offering of side dishes. When I say "stacked" what I mean is that I would have trouble opening my mouth wide enough to take a bite. Not that I was staring but it's apparent they've done this before based on the effortless way they managed to shovel the food in.

But what I saw the father do, well, it's something I've frankly never seen before.

Each time he took a bite of his burger he smeared a pat of butter on it. Then he'd take another bite. Before reaching for the butter again.

I wasn't actually counting but I'd guess he consumed six or maybe seven butter pats.  

I'm glad I'd already finished eating because I'm certain seeing this would have made enjoying my meal impossible. I can't imagine that anyone would suggest his eating habits are doing his heart, or any other part of his body, any good.

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