Friday, June 16, 2017

A drive to a job interview

Photo by Jodi Green

She got up and got ready in plenty of time. She wanted to look the part and, of course, leave a good impression by arriving ahead of time for her scheduled job interview.

Traffic, she says, was a bear. A lot of stopping and going. She checked the time.  Not as far ahead of schedule as she'd hoped. But still some time to spare.

But traffic. Oh that traffic! It wasn't getting any better. And she was starting to get nervous.  

That's when she saw another woman behind the wheel of another car driving like a maniac. Obviously in a hurry to get somewhere on time. Weaving in and out of traffic. Cutting people off. Including my friend.  Who is now thinking, "she's not the only one in a hurry!" 

My friend caught up with the other car at a light. Gave her a one fingered salute. Heated words were exchanged. Both of them are women but the conversation wasn't exactly lady-like.  

My friend beat the other woman off the line at the light and was happy to see clear roadway ahead. She put the peddle to the metal and put some distance between her and the other car. The road rage incident already forgotten. Getting to the job interview in time was all that mattered now.

There it was. The address. The adjacent parking lot. She pulled in. Saw two spaces. Pulled into one. Was just getting out of her car when another pulled into the other available spot. It looked familiar. It was that crazy driver, the woman she'd flipped the bird a few minutes before.

She too was in a hurry for a meeting. And not just any meeting. Because, it turns out that she was the hiring manager. On the way to interview my friend!

Will she get the job?  I'm not holding my breath!


Melinda Oporto said...

Ill find out today if I get the

Melinda Oporto said...

I got the job!!! Woot woot!!! She knew she was driving like a she told me your right, I need to slow down

Cody said...

what a precious moment!! congrats on the job, Mel!!